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"I love it!"

I needed a tool to incentivize myself to save money—and to complete specific tasks (like practicing parkour, not buying alcohol, and organizing my files). Funl gave me the flexibility to design a system that accomplished both the tasks and save for rewards. I love it! I'd recommend it to any planner who needs the extra structure and incentive to get things done.

Zachary C, New York

"Funl helped me save money!"

When I saw how not buying cups of coffee every day could add up to affording a coffee machine for home, I was hooked. Funl helped me save money!

Luke S, Vancouver

"It’s a simple concept that works"

I love the idea of treating myself to something new, but only when I've earned it. I’ve always just purchased without saving for things but Funl makes shopping much more deserving. Thanks to Funl, I now take a step back before making that big purchase and ask myself, “How can I earn this juicer that I sooo want to buy right now?” It’s a simple concept that works. The new juicer has to wait until I earn it by writing in my blog.

Stephanie S, Vancouver

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