Team Members


Shawn O'Neill

Software Developer

Shawn likes to make things that help people. He does a little bit of everything around here. When he's not coding you'll find him cycling or snowboarding (though he's usually coding). He's obsessed with tracking his life digitally.


Josh Kremer

Growth Hacker

Josh is a lifelong entrepreneur. When he isn't problem solving, he plays the guitar, a shameful amount of Starcraft 2, and loves to get outdoors and travel. He joined Funl for the great opportunity to solve some of life's most meaningful problems - healthy habit building.


Justin Warren

Software Developer

Justin is a fitness enthusiast. He has been hacking his workouts for years, and started using the methodology behind Funl to save for things by going to the gym before it was an app at all. Justin strives to keep things simple.

Why are we building Funl?

We're building Funl because we love tinkering with our lives and we think we're on to something awesome! We've tried tons of apps and services for building good habits, but they fell short on actually driving motivation and behaviour change. We also used a bunch of tools for tracking our money, but nothing made it feel like it was integrated with our everyday lives. Most don't provide much outside of passive tracking.

Paying yourself first is an age old personal finance best practice. You'll often hear financial advisors recommend this concept around retirement planning, and we agree that it is a great strategy for long-term savings. But what about medium-term things? It's hard to save "for the sake of it". We're aiming to help people learn responsible spending behaviour, and build amazing lives at the same time. We'd love it if you'd join us.

Shawn, co-founder

Get in touch. We love to hear your ideas for making Funl better.

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