Funl is a tool for building a better you

We know that sounds lofty... hear us out. The idea itself is fairly simple; create habits that you want to add to your life, and reward yourself each time you perform them. Using Funl, you pay yourself to build the life you want!

Each Habit in Funl has a small financial incentive attached. As you perform these Habits, a payout will be directed into the Reward of your choosing, helping you progress toward your goal.

When you link your good behaviours to tangible rewards the motivation factor is huge! Upon hitting your goal you can splurge on your Reward without the guilt of not being able to afford it, or feeling that you don't really deserve it.

Here's how it works:



Funl helps you build good habits, and break bad ones.

Going to the gym, reading a book, calling your family, and other similar positive activities are all encouraged.

On the flip side, pay yourself for every day you go without smoking, or buying fast food or coffee. Redirect the money that you would have otherwise spent on the bad habit into something you really want!

+ $5



Put all the money you're saving by creating good habits into something enjoyable! A Reward is something you would like to purchase, but need to save for. Some good examples of rewards would be a computer, or gift, or vacation.

Rewards are not intended to cover regular expenses, and the money should be left in the reward account until you reach your goal.

We are a collection of our habits

There's a lot of science behind Funl. Some services promise that they'll help you build a better life, but punish you by charging you money if you slip up. We understand that you have a busy life, so you control your pace, with room to breathe.

At Funl, we're using positive reinforcement instead of punishment. We want you to succeed in changing your life for the better - we're not here to spank you.

We also believe in reducing the world's reliance on credit card debt. By saving for leisure purchases instead of buying things on credit, Funl users employ delayed gratification and decrease impulse buying behaviour. This saves much more than money in the long run!

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